Hey you! Wanna win God of War: Ascension and a PlayStation 3?

Then you should whip out your cellphone right now and send an SMS containing the word “kratos” to 33115. It’ll cost you R1.50 per entry, but if you’re the luckiest demigod in all of Sparta you may find yourself accidentally winning all of the God of War: Ascension goodies you could ever hope to win. Except actually becoming the God of War, maybe. Although we hear that becoming the God of War is a bit less glamorous than it’s made out to be.

Anyway, below the break lies a list of what you could win, in case you’re too busy/lazy/whatever to click on the detailed image that rests a mite further below the break.

  • 500GB PlayStation 3 console
  • God of War: Ascension Collector’s Edition
  • Kratos Sack Boy key ring
  • God of War: Ascension T-shirt
  • PlayStation 3 cap
  • PlayStation 3 lanyard


That’s a pretty sexy list o’ prizes, ‘ey? Entries close on March 31st 2013, and the winner will then be notified by the 15th of April.