Ron Gilbert has a new game! It has pirates in it!


Sadly they’re unfamiliar pirates (thanks for nothing, Disney). Ron Gilbert brought us The Secret of Monkey Island. Well, he had help but you know all of this already because you’re old and cantankerous like me. Anyway, Gilbert recently left Tim Schafer’s development house Double Fine; he did so in order to strike out and make something fresh. That something has now been revealed; it’s a match-3 RPG. You know, like Puzzle Quest.

It’s called Scurvy Scallywags in The Voyage to Discover the Ultimate Sea Shanty: A Musical Match-3 Pirate RPG, or just SSITVTDTUSS:AMMTPRPG for short. It’s coming to iPhone and iPad “in a couple of months” but Gilbert and his development partner are busy tinkering with getting the game ported to Android as well.

“I’ve always loved match-3 games,” Gilbert said on his blog, “there is something zen-like about playing them.” In Scurvy Scallywags (I’m not typing the whole thing out), the icons on the board will shift in whichever direction you’ve swiped your finger in order to match three icons. In other words: in other match-3 games like Bejeweled and Puzzle Quest, the icons would cascade downwards on the board, filling in whichever gaps you’d just created by matching three identical icons. This won’t be the case in Scurvy Scallywags, so you’ll need to be careful in which direction you move icons to match your three.

You’ll be able to customise your pirate character with “one hundred different hats, shirts, heads, swords, etc”.

Look, as much as I loved Puzzle Quest, I’m kind of bummed that this is what Gilbert is up to next. He really just needs to get on with making another classic point-and-click adventure game; one that doesn’t try to shoehorn other game genres like The Cave did. On the plus side, this is out in the coming months so hopefully he’ll move on to something a little more nostalgic after that.

Source: Grumpy Gamer