Today I learnt about a game called RIOT


There seems to be a growing preoccupation with developing games that double as social commentary on current affairs. Riot is the latest game to do just that; it’s a riot simulator heading to iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Ouya. It’s just gone through a very successful funding campaign over on crowdsourcing website Indiegogo, where the small team behind the game was looking for $15, 000.00 and ended up with $36, 124.00 instead.

The game has been inspired by real events like the riots in Egypt, Greece etc. As such, you’ll be whisked all over the world to either lead or oppose riots in different countries. The neat thing about Riot is that you get to pick a side: you can be in charge of issuing orders to the angry mob, or you can keep your riot police in line and attempt to repel the violent crowds.

Riot is being directed by Leonard Mechiari, who used to be an editor/cinematographer at Valve. He’s experienced riots in his home country. The idea for the game came about from a desire to tell the stories of those involved in the conflict. Along with the rest of his indie team, Mechiari aims to tell the stories of both sides involved in riots: the rioters and the riot police.

Part of the funding for the game is going to research. The team plans on traveling to various countries to “experience live riots going on”. They’ll then use the first-hand accounts of events to influence game development. Hey, you devs should definitely swing by South Africa; pretty sure you could learn a thing or two about riots from us. That and I want to be able to make my pixelated mob toi toi among burning tyres.

Riot has made an appearance on Steam Greenlight, so if you’re bummed you missed the Indiegogo campaign, you could always hop on there if you feel like showing the devs some more support. At present there’s no release date. You can check out the game’s first trailer below. Look at that pixeley goodness!

So if you’re looking for a game that’ll make you feel like you’re “stickin’ it to The Man”, look no further than this I guess. You can keep tabs on the game over on their official website. Alternatively, give the game director a follow on Twitter.


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