PAX EAST – On the road again…


[ PAX EAST 2013: Please excuse any editing errors or spelling mistakes, these PAX posts are typed on the fly on a small tablet. Any issues are entirely Miktar’s fault and not that of the Editor. ]

The jaunty little dragon mascot (with blue backpack and peace \ victory hand sign) is all the proof I need that this bus will get me to Boston. The bus was cheap. Not the “will end up a burning wreck by the side of the road” cheap, thankfully. But cheap enough that the promise of Wi-Fi seemed out of character.


PAX EAST starts today, one of the most lauded events in gaming when it comes to organized events of this scale. It took a quick plane ride, lots of New York subways, and now this bus on its five hour drive, but we’re almost there.

We’ll be covering events where and when possible, so stay tuned.