It seems as if Games Workshop is on a licensing rampage at the moment. They recently signed a deal with Slitherine to develop turn-based strategy games built on the 40K license. Now, they’ve signed another deal with Roadhouse Interactive – the guys behind the recent free-to-play MMO Family Guy Online and MechWarrior Tactics.

Not much is known about this new game set in the 40K universe, but we do know that it isn’t a strategy game. Instead, the project has been loosely described as a “side-scrolling action game” that follows the exploits of a Space Marine as he tears through an Ork horde.

Let’s be honest here: this could go either way. We could end up with a shoddy mobile cash-in built on a recognisable IP, or we could end up with some genuine, pick-up-and-play fun such as something along the lines of Jetpack Joyride, only with more blood and less humour. Still, strategy would surely have been a better fit, especially for the mobile platform? Something like Kingdom Rush perhaps?

Source: Shacknews

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