[ PAX EAST 2013PAX East is the largest gaming related anything on the eastern side of the United States. Most of what gaming is, is on display inside the convention center (and around it, at night, when the people migrate into the city looking for beer). So how does the NAG crack team of journalists manage it all? ]

This is how to cover an event. Make sure you have a camera, it doesn’t matter which make or brand because unless you’re carrying around a diffusion lamp every photo’s gonna be kind of cruddy anyway. Next, make sure you have some kind of internet-capable device that can be typed at. In our case, it’s a Nexus 7 tablet paired with a Logitech bluetooth keyboard. Finally, make sure to bring a 3DS so you can focus on what really matters – getting more StreetPass tags so you can finish some of the Puzzles and beat Find Mii.

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