PAX EAST – The Table to end all Tables


[ PAX EAST 2013If you have money, PAX East is a great place to be. The expo sells tons of stuff: snacks, shirts, tabletop games, video games, consoles, classic games, swag… and then there’s this. ]

This table costs around $18,000. It is made to order, there is a month-long queue if you want one, and of course plenty of people were standing around it wondering who in their right mind would pay that much for a table. Which of course, only highlights their ignorance. If tabletop gaming is your thing, that thing you do above all other things (for some people it’s cars), then the pricetag on the table featured above isn’t all that much. It’s the kind of thing you’re going to be using every night, and likely will end up a heirloom item for your kids. Who will probably not appreciate it at all, and just ruin it when they spill food all over it.