PAX EAST – The Family that PAX together…


PAX EAST 2013: Where grown men come to the realization that they swear too much and should probably reign it in a little. ]

An interesting element of PAX, is the family-friendly vibe. It’s not that PAX makes a point of being a family event, but rather, the staff and exhibitors (and even attendants) do try to keep it civil where possible. There are so many families here, I event caught myself feeling embarrassed at one point because I swore in earshot of a kid. The parents accepted my apology with good humour, saying that I was by far not the worst they’d heard while at PAX, and agreed that, even so, most people do try to be mindful of the kids. Because PAX is all about gaming, the easy assumption to make would be that everyone here is a kid, or young adult. But more realistically, the average attendant seems late 30s, many with families.