Battle report: Gears of War: Judgment launch in Cape Town

games on gowj launch 42

Three very important things happened last Thursday, 21 March – human rights were celebrated, I got a new kitten, and Games On in Rondebosch, Cape Town hosted the country’s first ever (maybe) midnight game launch PLUS 32-player  double-elimination tournament for Gears of War: Judgment. Better than standing in a queue for five hours? Oh, only about a hundred million times better, and not just because there were hot dogs. [Head past the break for more. And also, photos! – Ed.]

With most players not having had any opportunity to try the new free-for-all multiplayer mode before the event, the opening rounds were predictably cautious as people worked out the new maps and weapon changes, with almost everybody sticking to classic Gnasher shotguns and close-quarters ambushes. Obviously, this quickly changed once it was discovered that the Boomshield now doubles up with anything, ammo crate pickups add extra grenades, and you can jump off buildings. Many gibs were subsequently gibbed.

In news I never expected to type, I was conned into taking part in the contest after buzzing up on too many free energy drinks, and somehow managed to place third behind Jody “jGLZA” Williams and Kent “Beanibility” Jansen (pictured above with his game face on) in the final. NAG REPRESENTS, then doesn’t sleep properly for the next 24 hours. Caffeine is a hell of a drug, kids.

Flying high fives to Richard van Wyk at Games On, MWEB Gamezone, Prima Interactive, Glenn Alexander, Liquid Blast, and Zombiegamer.