Meet Krieg, a new Borderlands 2 character. He smashes stuff.


Gearbox was at PAX East this weekend showing off a bunch of new Borderlands 2 content. A few weeks ago they teased the addition of a sixth playable character coming to the game; at PAX East that tease turned into a full-on reveal. Krieg is your new character and he’s a reformed psycho bandit so yes, expect melee combat and fire.

As the game’s writer Anthony Burch so eloquently puts it: “If you’re like me, I was like, ‘F*** cover, I just want to get in this guy’s face,’ then this is your guy.” Krieg is designed to be the front man in any co-op party. The more he kills the more he heals himself, and the more damage he takes, the more powerful his attacks become, so expect stackable perk tokens similar to previous add-on character Gaige.

Krieg’s three skill trees are as follows: Bloodlust is focused on his Buzz Axe and provides skills that improve health through killing things; Mania is loaded with skills that help you do more damage as you take damage; and Hellborn provides the fire skills that will allow you to set yourself alight to become more dangerous.

Krieg is standalone DLC, so those with the season pass will have to shell out extra for him. He’s coming in May and will cost $10.

On the 2nd of April, Gearbox will release a piece of DLC called the “Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack” that will increase the level cap from 50 to 61. Obviously this will allow you to fine-tune your high level characters even further by giving you 11 new perk points. On top of the bump in level cap will be the addition of a new tier of loot called Pearlescent gear. This will be the new top-end loot and the stuff you really, really want to look out for.

The “Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack” will cost $5, but season pass holders will get it for free.

Finally, Gearbox teased their fourth big expansion pack in a short clip involving Tiny Tina and the playable characters from the original Borderlands. In the teaser, the group is playing a table-top strategy game called “Bunkers and Badasses”. You can watch the reveal teaser below; it’s off-screen shaky cam but it does the job.

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