NAG Magazine: April 2013 Issue

April. The month of blatant lies on foolish days, and as an added bonus, delicious chocolate bunnies. It’s also the month of glow-in-the-dark covers.

Wait… what?

Click through for THE TRUTH.

And the truth is… our April issue’s cover has bits on it that glow in the dark. So, really, you didn’t have to click through for any sort of truth. But that was playful and fun, wasn’t it? Anyway, April is now Assassin’s Creed month, and it’s dripping with the number four. And pirates. Lots of pirates. All of the pirates you could ever desire, really. We were eagerly in earshot of the game’s pre-leaked reveal, and we’ve gathered all of the info we could muster on the pages of this delightful magazine. That’s not the only reveal we were all over either. Sony’s PlayStation 4 unveiling tickled our fancy, and we’ve written about it extensively so that you can be armed with knowledge.

Our reviews section is bristling with verdicts on Tomb Raider‘s flashy rebooted hotness, SimCity‘s always-online “we need more residential”-ness, Crysis 3‘s “my Nanosuit shrunk in the wash”-ness and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance‘s “who even thought that’s a good name for a game”-ness. And also, Aliens: Colonial Marines. Big Derp.

Previews! We have them. They include super-sexy stuff like Jonathan Blow’s The Witness and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Also, we take a long stare at Bungie’s Destiny and wonder why all it does is stare back at us. Then Bravely Default: Flying Fairy grabs all of our attention by being that kid with the weird name that makes them mysteriously interesting.

In these pages, you will find buckets of hardware. We judge headsets, mice, power supplies and a GPU so expensive it’ll make your ears melt marshmallows. Then, we have a brain-spark and decide that we really, really love the Dream Machine with all of our liquid nitrogen-cooled hearts, but we’d also really love to suggest a mid-range machine for the gamer on a tight budget.

All of this (and perhaps more!) can be found in the April issue of NAG. You can inspect just how much more by staring at the contents page below, and then ogling our cover (did we mention it glows in the dark!) for a bit. It’ll be on sale this Thursday, the 28th day of March, year 2013. Also, keep in mind that there’s our Zinio digital edition as well, in case you’re more inclined to go that route.

PS: Happy 15th Birthday to us! \:D/

Please note there is a distribution delay; the magazine will only be available in stores in the following areas from next week, Thursday 4th April: Bethlehem, Bloemfontein, Klerksdorp and Rustenburg

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