Get a load of these new GTA V screenshots


SCUBA diving! Motorbikes! Parachuting! Miniguns! These are just a few of the family-friendly things on show in this latest batch of super-fresh screenshots for upcoming GTA V. The collection shows off some of the game’s more wild areas (wild as in nature and stuff) and gives us a glimpse of a thunderstorm with suitably moody ocean in the foreground.

It all looks very pretty, but let’s just be honest here: the chances of these being doctored are really high. They look incredible, but they’re also screenshots of a game that’s running on eight year old tech. It all makes me wonder why Rockstar hasn’t just announced the game for next-gen platforms, or PC for that matter. Perhaps GTA V will appear on next-gen consoles, but Rockstar is just waiting for Microsoft to get around to announcing their new console first? Who knows?

Hit the jump for the gallery. Do bullshots bug you? Should developers/publishers show us the real deal, or have doctored screenshots become synonymous with game marketing to such an extent that we now expect pre-release screens to be modified?