First Thief trailer slinks out of the shadows


The announcement trailer for the recently revealed Thief reboot has been unveiled. Because we’re on the Internet, instead of people giving joyous praise at the long-awaited return of the series, the resounding chorus is one moaning about the lack of Stephen Russell as the voice actor for Garrett. As the top comment on YouTube reads (man I love YouTube commenters sometimes; they’re hilarious in their wanton vitriol), “I don’t see why Stephen Russell COULDN’T voice Garrett. He was in Skyrim pretty recently AS ANOTHER GODDAMN EPIC THIEF!” That angry person is referring to Skyrim’s Mercer Frey – the head of the Thieves’ Guild and a character who was voiced by previous Thief voice actor Stephen Russell.

Initial knee-jerk reactions aside, it’s a great trailer. There’s no immediately apparent gameplay to be seen, but you can definitely get a feel for the direction this reboot is taking. As Shacknews points out, it’s also unclear as to whether or not this is in-engine footage or pre-rendered stuff. The game is only heading to next-gen consoles and PC, so it’s entirely possible the game might look like what’s on display in the trailer.

Trailer is after the jump.