ASUS finally launches the GTX670 DirectCU II Mini

A while back I posted about how ASUS was asking the forumites in the ROG forums about what kind of reaction they’d get if they launched a mini-sized version of their GTX670, built for small ITX chassis and with a single 8-pin PEG connector. The response was overwhelming and forced ASUS to release a few pictures of the prototype they were working on. The company has now decided it’s ready for the market and the DirectCU II Mini is now on it’s way around the world.

21aIts tiny, just edging over the size of a PCI-Express slot and being the same size as the GTX650 Ti cards that are floating around. Using a blower-style cooler in the same vein as the design on the Ares II, ASUS  promises that the Mini will fit into any chassis you can imagine. If the Alienware X51’s power supply ever ships with a 8-pin PEG connector, this would even fit in there as well. The applications for a diminutive GPU that has mega performance are limitless.

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ASUS redesigned the DirectCU cooler to fit over the PCB and now uses Vapor MG chambers to shunt around heat more effectively. One of the issues the card will have is that it will exhaust a bit of heat back into the chassis, but this should be a minor concern considering how well most ITX chassis handle themselves. ASUS says the fan is three times quieter at load than the reference GTX670 fan, which should help for those of you who are sensitive to the noise of whirring fans.

ASUS says the GTX670 Mini should be available worldwide very soon. Retail prices aren’t set bus expect this to go for the same price as a regular GTX670. Is it possible that this will spur on a new generation of graphics cards built for much smaller form factors? Intel’s been beating the SFF drums for a while now and though NUC is a good idea, it lacks the graphical performance that would make it a killer product. So, who’s thinking of grabbing one of these?

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