EA launches free, Nissan sponsored SimCity DLC


You’ve got to hand it to the masterminds at EA, they sure do know how to monetise video games beyond their initial purchase price. They also know how to make everyone angry. Often these two things happen simultaneously, as is the case with this most recent announcement.

EA has confirmed that the first piece post-release Sim City DLC will be free. It’s an electric car charging station, and it produces no sewerage or garbage, making it basically pollution free. It also doesn’t require electricity or water, making it completely carbon neutral, so to speak. It sounds awesome, right? Well, there is a catch, although it’s one that does not offend me personally.

The new building is being sponsored by Nissan, and will be called the Nissan LEAF Charging Station. EA has not disclosed any details regarding the obvious deal with the car manufacturer.

The Nissan LEAF Charging Station goes live today. To find out how to get it, check out the instructions on EA’s forums.