Remember The War Z? Yes, the “zombie survival MMO” that stole its ideas from ARMA II mod DayZ. The game that had one of the rockiest launches in gaming history! That’s the one. Well, their user database has been hacked, which has resulted in the game and forums being forced offline for security reasons.

The developer sent out emails to those who have been affected. Regarding what information was stolen, they confirmed that email addresses and passwords to access the game and forums were stolen. They did, however, reiterate that passwords were stored in an encrypted form but that weaker passwords would probably be exposed through “brute force”. On top of email addresses and passwords, users’ IP addresses and character names were also accessed.

If you happened to throw caution to the wind and buy a copy of this game, then change your other account passwords if they overlap with your War Z account. Also, if you bought this game, then we’re really very sorry for your loss.

Source: Eurogamer

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