Giblets: The DDR3 price hike affects GPUs, too!

Digitimes has recently reported that DDR3 prices are set to go up again (Yay, in addition to our petrol and everything else that if affects), this time for graphics cards. Several graphics card vendors in the US and Europe have begun hiking up prices for their low-end cards that still use DDR3 and GDDR3, swelling up the RRP by as much as 15%. With DDR3 prices rising because of a flooded market and SSD prices stabilising due to the limits of SATA3 and a fast-growing market, you can expect to may much more for your components before the month is over. With Intel’s Haswell launch in June, the price for DDR3 desktop chips may go up even more as lower production rates clashes with consumer demand as they buy new hardware. There’s no end to this vicious circle just yet guys, so hold on to your hats and wait for prices to drop, if you can.

Source: Digitimes

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