MSI’s Gaming series is officially launched

So, following from the teasing MSI did last month with their gaming series and the visual confirmation by Corex on the back of the April issue of NAG that they’re going to stock them, it’s time for some obligatory pictures of the pure geek pornography that are the new Gaming Series boards. All of the boards feature redesigned heatsinks with the company’s new Dragoon motif, Killer NIC E2200 integrated networking, front-panel USB 3.0 and Crossfire/SLI support. MSI says that their LGA1155 support in the gaming series will run well into 2014, where I expect them to come up with Haswell products to make up for the loss of Ivy Bridge.

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One thing in particular surprised me and that was the lengths at which MSI took the Dragoon motif around their website created to announce the Gaming series of motherboards. Scrolling around you get the feeling that the company hopes to have more than just the boards and graphics cards with this new branding – are they planning RAM and fans as well?


Obviously the company hasn’t said anything yet, but offering a converged brand would be pretty powerful marketing on its own. MSI already makes motherboards and GPUs for the desktop. Imagine if they could give you the entire package – rebranded PSUs in black and red, rebranded memory modules and SSDs, hell they can even bring back their Barricade chassis as a starting point and put the Dragoon somewhere on it and paint the inside red. As an example, an Apple product is immediately identifiable because they use a somewhat common design language on all their products , in addition to the glowing Apple logo on their notebooks.

Such strong branding makes the connections easy. If MSI could do something like that, I think they’d have more gamers on their hands than they know what to do with! People like symmetry and there’s nothing better than having products that are similar that fit well together and look good. You’ve got a good opportunity here MSI, don’t waste it like so many other companies have.


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