I’d pretty much forgotten that id and Bethesda were making a new Doom game. It was announced five years ago. We still haven’t seen a SINGLE official screenshot or trailer. The only thing we’ve got is a bunch of alleged leaked screenshots and concept art, all of which were met with suspect silence on Bethesda’s behalf. That was over a year ago.

Now, four unnamed sources who claim to be linked to Doom 4’s development have come forward to spill the beans on what exactly is going on with the game. Apparently, Bethesda has already scrapped one version of Doom 4, which was supposed to be a similar to Doom 2’s hell on Earth vibe, only more AAA and with elements similar to Call of Duty (holy balls, no; thank goodness that’s been canned). Apparently that first version of Doom 4 (which is likely the Doom 4 that was “revealed” in the leaked concept art and screenshots linked above) “did not exhibit the quality and excitement that id and Bethesda intend to deliver and that Doom fans worldwide expect.”

Consequently, Doom 4’s development is allegedly on round two and is the only project that Bethesda’s parent company Zenimax wants id to focus on. Apparently, Rage’s poor reception was because id was focusing on too many things, so Zenimax cracked the whip and id had to shelve everything other than Doom 4.

According to the sources, Doom 4 is heading to next-gen systems, but there’s still a level of uncertainty regarding the game’s future because there’s been a lot of talent leaving id since the second attempt at developing the game began.


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