First screenshots of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon surface


Yep, more Blood Dragon news – earlier in the week we saw a garish website for the game go live, and now we have the first load of screenshots appearing. These screens were picked up on and disseminated by the delightful cads over on NeoGAF.

There are five screenshots in total and you can find the rest after the jump. So much colour! It’s like Ubisoft built a time machine, snorted all of Tony Montana’s cocaine while listening to Poison’s best glam rock offerings, and sat down to make trippy DLC for Far Cry 3 while in the 80’s. Or is it an expansion? Who knows? It originally cropped up as an Xbox LIVE Arcade title rather than appearing under the Game Add-on section so this could very well be a standalone spin-off or something.

Whatever it is, it has cyborg marines, lasers and bucket loads of neon pink, which pretty much means “instant play” in my book. Hey wait, is that blue blood? Are those scanlines in every screenshot?

Source: NeoGAF
Via: Polygon