Fun fact: I have a dedicated “Game Saves” folder on my PC at home. I’ve had it for years. There are saved game files in there for games that I will likely never play again. It goes as far back as The Legend of Kyrandia for crying out loud. I can’t bring myself to delete anything because of that gut-wrenching feeling when you realise you’ve lost a file that represents dozens of hours of gaming time. I know, it’s weird, but they kind of feel like investments of sorts.

With that in mind, I was rather intrigued to hear about a Kickstarter project for an application called Reload. It’s being developed by a local software company called Kratos Software, which has been developing software for South African companies for around four years now. This project, however, is right up the small team’s alley as they’re all a bunch of PC gamers.

Reload is a dedicated game save management application. It runs quietly in the background and snaffles up all of your saved game files for storage in a separate location on your computer, on a networked location or in a cloud-based storage option. It integrates with third-party cloud storage applications like Dropbox and Google Drive as well. What’s more, the whole thing is presented in a really neat and tidy user-interface, which detects which game you’re currently playing and indicates where the game saves its own files and where you’ve chosen for Reload to store backups.

Reload includes syncing game saves across multiple PCs, so if you play on a desktop and a laptop you won’t need to worry about manually copying saves. What’s more, Reload also allows you to quicksave in a game even if the game itself has no quicksave function. This is the case for numerous console ports that find their way onto PC.

It’s a neat idea for an app, and the fact that it makes copies of your Steam and Origin game saves is a plus as well. I like the idea of a single, unified piece of software that manages the hundreds of files ordinarily associated with manual game save management. You can find out more about the application over on Kickstarter. If it really grabs your attention then pledge to their project.

Source: Kickstarter