The one-year countdown for XP support begins today

In exactly one year from today, Microsoft will begin shutting down servers which feed Windows XP clients with security updates, as well as those of you still using Office 2003. With just over 39% of all computers in the world running on Windows XP, it’s a big push from Microsoft to get people to upgrade and in the end I don’t think they’ll be as successful as they plan. After the cut-off date, Microsoft will continue to allow for activations of the software, although when they’ll stop these as well is anyone’s guess. The next OS with support will then be Windows Vista, ceasing it’s critical and security update program on the 11th of April 2017. For those of you still on XP and looking to upgrade, I can highly recommend Windows 7 Professional to keep things familiar, in addition to still including the useful XP Mode for any application that doesn’t play ball with Windows 7.

windows XP loading screen

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