Today’s Next Xbox Rumour: no backwards compatibility


The rumour mill for the next Xbox (or as we learnt yesterday, simply “Xbox”) continues to turn. This time, business website Bloomberg has a lengthy article discussing the hardware changes inside Microsoft’s next console. Bloomberg is obviously citing anonymous sources but sources “with knowledge of the matter” nonetheless.

The next Xbox will shift to an AMD “Jaguar” system-on-a-chip design. This will bring a shift to an x86 format. As is the case with the PlayStation 4, this shift in architecture renders games made for the previous version of the console unplayable. Bottom line: if these rumours are true, then there will be no backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games in the next Xbox.

The positive here, if the rumours are true, is that both the next Xbox and PlayStation 4 will use very similar architectures, which means game development will be made easier. This could lead to shortened development times and less discrepancies between cross-platform titles.

Source: Bloomberg
Via: Polygon