ASUS shows off a new, more effective fan design

You guys all remember the GTX670 DirectCU II Mini (man, that’s a mouthful) that I reported on a while back? It turns out that there’s a reason why ASUS felt comfortable with putting in such a small fan – they redesigned it to better move air around the heatsink and it looks like that paid off quite handsomely. Hit the jump to check out their video demonstration!

GTX670 mini cooler

You’ll notice that the fan looks a bit weird. It has two sets of blower fins: the outer edge angle the air into the fins around it, while the smaller ones nearer to the middle take any air stuck in the dead zone and push it further out. This is the first time we’ve seen an impeller with two sets of fins. Both the center ring and the sleeve bearing are smaller and ASUS says that the fan rotates at the same speeds as its more conventional DirectCU II designs, but it’s quieter and more efficient. See for yourself:

One thing that’s on my mind is whether this design can be retroactively fitted to their previous GPUs as the fans are the same size as the other 80mm. Its possible the sleeve bearing housing will be too big, but that’s never stopped some enterprising modders before. Regardless, this is an awesome improvement and I think ASUS might be the king of the hill this year in terms of cooling. Just how big can these fans be?

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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