Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has lifted the lid (with the help of Game Informer Magazine) on the next Batman game. Batman: Arkham Origins is set before the events of the first two games but this isn’t an origins story for Batman, nor is it a story of how Arkham Asylum came into existence. Instead, this game will follow a young and inexperienced Batman as he encounters many of the series’ super-villains and other characters for the very first time.

Finer plot details are obviously still under wraps, but the developer has teased that eight of the world’s best assassins have come to Gotham City to kill Batman. Deathstroke has been confirmed to be in the game; this will be his Arkham series debut.

The game is being developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal. That might have just sent shivers down many fans’ spines – previous developer Rocksteady is not involved with this project in any way. That being said, all of the assets as well as the highly customised Unreal Engine have been handed over to Warner Montreal for use in development.

As for Warner Bros. Games Montreal, the team is well aware that they “are standing on the shoulders of giants”. As far as they’re concerned, the previous two Arkham games were “perfect” and the challenge for them is to try to bring something new to the series. Their overall premise of Batman meeting many of the series’ villains and characters will certainly provide them with an interesting story.

The game is out on 25 October this year. It’ll be heading to PC, PlayStation 3, Wii U and Xbox 360. There’s been no mention of next-gen consoles at all. You can check out a brief developer commentary montage, as well as some concept art, in the clip below.

Source: Game Informer

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