Eight new covers for BioShock Infinite


A few months before the really, really ridiculously awesome BioShock Infinite started blowing gamers’ minds across the globe, the game’s official box art did kind of the opposite. It featured chin-down-eyes-up-staring-very-seriously-at-something-we-can’t-see protagonist Booker DeWitt. Elizabeth, arguably the most important character in the game, was relegated to the back of the box. Irrational Games main man Ken Levine said that the decision to go with a seemingly generic shooter cover was so as to appeal to the Call of Duty style of player who might otherwise not know Infinite exists. So yes, the box art was designed to grab the attention of the browsing gamer.

Luckily, Irrational realised that fans of the BioShock franchise are a more discerning and refined lot and so they shipped the game with a reversible cover. That revisable cover was chosen by popular vote.

Just in case you don’t like either of the covers the game shipped with, Irrational has you covered as they’ve just released eight new covers for you to download and print out so that you can have the BioShock Infinite box of your dreams. You can find them all over here. Don’t forget to read the printing instructions as they’ve got some odd sizing requirements. You also might want to pick up some glossy, high quality paper from a stationary shop.

Source: Irrational Games
Via: Twitter