far_cry_3_blood_dragon_uplay hack

Perhaps you noticed a rather lengthy gameplay clip of Ubisoft’s still unannounced Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon floating about the Internet yesterday. I was going to post it on this very website you’re currently reading, but then Ubisoft’s super-ninja-lawyer-deathsquad had the clip pretty much expunged from existence. While the clip served to confirm the spin-off game (it’s a stand-alone title as well) it also posed an interesting question: how on Earth did the person who posted it manage to get a copy?

It turns out that a group of sneaky Russian hackers managed to hack the PC launcher of Ubisoft’s digital content shopfront, Uplay. The Russian hack allowed anyone using it to trick Uplay into thinking they own whichever game they want to download. Blood Dragon was sitting on the Uplay servers and as a result we got that gameplay clip.

Ubisoft has since taken the PC Uplay servers offline while they fix the vulnerability. They also pointed out that nobody’s personal information was compromised so no need to panic. And people wonder why it is that Ubisoft has had such a low opinion of the PC as viable gaming platform.

Source: Eurogamer

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