Microsoft can’t #dealwithit – Adam Orth no longer employed


Zing! Creative director at Microsoft Studios, Adam Orth, went on a Twitter rampage last week Thursday following renewed rumours of the next Xbox requiring a permanent Internet connection in order to launch games and apps. He literally told people to “get over it” and said that if you suffer from unreliable connectivity, then it’s your fault for choosing to live in an area that has crummy Internet offerings. What a charmer.

If you missed the delightful back-and-forth between Orth and a legion of pissed off people, then you can play catch-up over here. The day after we published that piece, Microsoft issued a formal apology for the “inappropriate comments made by an employee on Twitter”.

That apology, it would seem, was not the end of the fiasco. Website Polygon has learnt from two separate sources that Adam Orth is no longer employed at Microsoft. When they sent request for clarification, they were told that Microsoft doesn’t “comment on private personnel matters”. Whether he was fired or chose to leave is anyone’s guess, but he’s no longer a Microsoft employee. Game Informer seems to think he resigned.

Source: Polygon