PowerColor is fast becoming a popular brand locally following Wootware’s pushing of the brand’s cards with low pricing and the Never Settle bundle codes guaranteed. I myself recommended that buyers at least consider their offering at the time, since Nvidia had nothing to counter with in the same price range and the game bundles are definitely tempting. PowerColor’s budget overclocked version ups the ante a bit and looks very striking.

PowerColor HD7790 OC V2 (1) PowerColor HD7790 OC V2 (2) PowerColor HD7790 OC V2 (3)

The card’s model name is AX7790 1GBD5-DHV2/OC. As it implies, it’s kitted out with 1GB of DDR5 RAM and features two single-link DVI ports along with HDMI and a full-sized Displayport output. Its a dual-slot card with a smallish 70mm fan, although it’s one of the shortest HD7790 cards out there, barely longer than the PCI-Express slot it fits into. PowerColor says it’ll ship with a core clock speed of 1030MHz and although it’s not mentioned, VRAM clocks will probably be at the standard 1500MHz like the rest of PowerColor’s lineup. Because it’s the HD7790, it will ship with AMD’s Never Settle bundle codes and will qualify buyers for free copies of Bioshock Infinite (which we reviewed here) and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (whose trailer we can’t stop watching over and over and over again).

For those of you late to the party, the HD7790 features a new core belonging to the “Bonaire” family, featuring 896 shader units, 16 ROPs and 56 texture units, a 128-bit bus and 1GB DDR5 RAM, clocked at 6GHz (effective) to usurp the Geforce GTX650 Ti and replace AMD’s outgoing HD7850 1GB now that the older memory chips make it expensive to manufacture. PowerColor didn’t mention pricing, although other factory-overclocked versions retailed for $160 at launch.

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