Rumour: No more MS Points, new Forza and Ryse at launch


Step right up all you Microsoft faithful, and feast your ocular peepers on today’s fantabulous next-gen Xbox rumours! Are you sick to death of always having to purchase another pack of MS Points in those ludicrous fixed denominations just so you can make use of your remaining balance, which always happens to be just short of the actual amount you need? Are you tired of feeling ripped-off by virtual currencies designed to get you to spend more than you actually intended? Well then this shiny new next-gen Xbox rumour is just for you!

According to sources close to the next Xbox, Microsoft will be dropping MS Points in favour of actual currency. Note that this isn’t the first time that this rumour has cropped up, despite it being quashed a few days later. It’s probable that Xbox LIVE will do what Windows 8 does: default to local currency but still accept MS Points as a payment method.

Further rumours suggest that Microsoft is readying a new Forza title to launch alongside the next-gen Xbox. Considering how current generation Forza titles look practically photo-realistic already, it’ll be interesting to see what a next-gen version looks like. We’re going to call it Super-High-Definition-Real-Life-Graphcs 2.0.

Cast your minds back to E3 2011 and you might recall a Crytek developed action game called Ryse (seriously, why can’t these guys spell yet?), which never actually materialised. The game was another “you are the controller” game for the hardcore crowd in order to convince them that Kinect was a thing that they actually wanted. We all know how that turned out.

Apparently Ryse is still alive and coming alongside the launch of the next-gen Xbox. Microsoft is supposedly positioning this game alongside its other exclusive AAA titles like Gears of War and Halo. Hopefully it’s dropped the Kinect integration and gone for a standard controller set up instead, but that’s unlikely seeing as how Kinect 2.0 is apparently mandatory with the next Xbox. So it sounds like Ryse is destined to be that “you are the controller” game for the hardcore crowd in order to convince them that Kinect 2.0 is a thing that we’re actually grateful Microsoft forced on us.

Source: The Verge