2K Marin has been developing the XCOM shooter for a long time now. The game was originally unveiled back in 2010, but the subsequent announcement and release of the more traditional XCOM: Enemy Unknown kind of put a damper on the shooter’s reinterpretation. Fans of the original XCOM games were always a little iffy about the XCOM shooter.

The game has been AWOL for a while now, but some recent Take-Two earnings reports indicated that the XCOM shooter is due for release during fiscal 2014, which is any time between now and May 2014. That was the last official word the world received on the game.

Now, the XCOM website has been removed; navigating there results in a 404 error which means that the site is still alive, but the content is missing. Furthermore, the official trailers for the game have been taken off 2K’s YouTube account. You can still find them on other channels, but officially, it looks like the XCOM shooter doesn’t exist.

Superannuation (yes, that guy who seems to uncover 90% of the news publishers and developers don’t want you to know about) discovered that 2K registered four new URLs back in March. Those URLs were for: whathappenedin62.com, whathappenedin62.net, thebureau-game.net and thebureau-game.com. The XCOM shooter is set in 1962, so with this information it looks likely that the game is undergoing a rebranding.

Source: Digital Trends
Via: Polygon

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