In the wake of Skyrim’s end, Bethesda teases something new


Yesterday, Bethesda announced the end to Skyrim development, meaning there’ll be no new DLC. The reason for doing this was because the team left working on Skyrim content is needed for the next big Bethesda project.

Less than 24 hours after that announcement, Bethesda has dropped the first tease for their next game. Posted on Vine (the 6 second video clip sharing application developed by the same crowd behind Twitter), the extremely brief video shows barbed wire as well as close-ups of old record labels rotating on a turntable.

Obviously, old fashioned music and barbed wire seem to indicate something Fallout related, but no sooner had people begun shrieking “NEW FALLOUT!” from the rooftops, Bethesda PR guy Pete Hines said “Guess again.” We’ve embedded the Vine clip after the jump.

Things worth noticing: if you pause the clip at the right moments, you can read what’s on some of the record labels. Johann Sebastian Bach’s name pops up as does what looks like the title for “Air on the G String”. Some people have pointed out that Bach’s music appeared in Fallout 3 via one of the wasteland radio stations.

Speculation Pants on, people!

Source: Twitter, Twitter.
Via: Polygon