FIFA 14 revealed, not heading to Wii U


You guys, you guys, are you sitting down? EA has announced that FIFA 14 will be coming out this year during our spring time. In equally shocking news, the sun will come up tomorrow morning.

EA’s biggest franchise will be available on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game’s reveal mentioned “additional platforms” to be announced in the future, which probably means PlayStation 4 and whatever Microsoft is calling the next Xbox. The Wii U, however, was not mentioned. Further EA Sports labels are also missing from the Wii U: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 is not available on Wii U, and the yet to be released NCAA Football 14 and NHL 14 have also not been announced for the Wii U. Also, that’s a LOT of 14s.

At what point does the team behind the FIFA franchise hit a wall marked “Stop guys, seriously; there is no more innovation you can possibly make to justify annualising this series any longer.” They haven’t hit it yet, and there’s a video after the jump in which the five biggest innovations are discussed. I don’t understand a word the guy is saying. Hopefully you will.

Via: Kotaku