A big and not unpleasant surprise hit the ‘net this morning (if you’re in Amurrika it’s mourning) – a joint venture between Capcom and China’s largest Internet service portal Tencent, bringing Monster Hunter Online. It uses CryEngine 3, and apparently will have a time-of-day system, weather changes, a new special move system, air battles in addition to the return of water battles, and possibly even vehicles.  Check out the trailer below.


There’s no way of knowing at this point if the game will even be released outside of China. But considering how Monster Hunter is one of the largest franchises in the East (seriously, MH is like their Call of Duty), it’s safe to assume that Japan and Korea will get it. In the meantime, we’ll just have to console ourselves with the excellent Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate until Monster Hunter 4 comes along. [ Official Site ]

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