ADATA updates XPG DDR3-2600 modules for enthusiasts

High-performance DDR3 memory doesn’t matter to a lot of people because actually using all that available bandwidth is pretty difficult. However it does matter to a lot of overclockers and AMD APU owners and to help fill in the gaps ADATA has launched an update to their existing DDR3-2600 modules.

ADATA XPG DDR3-2600 V2 single module

Called the XPG V2.0, these modules run at DDR3-2600 speeds and have a theoretical maximum bandwidth of 20.8MB/s, but you’ll only get to that level if your memory controller is up to spec. The new modules support Intel’s XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) tech and getting them to run at their rated speeds should be a piece of cake in the BIOS. ADATA says they’re using 2oz copper in the PCBs for better heat distribution and the heatsinks aid in cooling the chips down.

Remember though that DDR3 prices are continuing to climb higher and higher as time passes. If you spot something like these modules for a good price, grab then while you can. They won’t return to that price level for another year, at the least.

ADATA says these modules are already on sale in select markets.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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