I’ve discovered Into the Dead and it is brilliaaaarrrrghhhh

into the dead header

It’s been out since December 2012, apparently, but I only discovered PikPok’s Into the Dead because I was stuck waiting in a bank on Saturday morning. Which is sort of appropriate when you think about it, isn’t it?

Anyway, this game is a mashup of the zombie apocalypse and one of those infinite runner types that are all the rage on mobile platforms, probably because they’re just what you want when you’re standing in a queue for what feels like six eternities and there aren’t already enough moans and groans and existential dread in the room . There’s no story, no levels, no big revelation at the end. There isn’t even an end. You just keep on running until you die, then you start over.

You can pick up weapons as you go, and you’ll also unlock additional stuff including a chainsaw and an assault rifle by completing simple missions objectives, although these are really just ways to very temporarily extend your life, not save it. You can’t save yourself. That’s how zombie apocalypses work, it’s in the rules and everything.

Into the Dead is free to download and play, although you can spend a bit of cash to remove the mostly unintrusive ads and/or buy coins to skip mission objectives and unlock gear quickly.