SimCity is a little buggy. Maybe that’s an understatement? It’s riddled with bugs, so it’s pretty great to hear that Maxis is issuing a significant patch for the game later on this evening. Patch 2.0 is scheduled to go live at 4PM EST, which works out to around 11PM our time – if I’ve figured that out properly, which is unlikely because things with numbers have always made my head hurt. That’s why I’m writing about video games instead of making them; or at least that’s what I tell myself.

The patch will bring a number of fixes to the game, many of which people have been clamouring for ever since SimCity released over a month ago. Fixes to public transport, retarded fire trucks and inexplicable noises throughout your cities (seriously, I don’t even have a police station in once city so why can I constantly hear sirens?) are just a few of the welcomed tweaks coming with patch 2.0.

Of course the downside to this wonderful news is that they’ll be taking the SimCity servers offline for a couple of hours while the patch is administered. But hey, offline SimCity servers is pretty much business as usual amirite? ZING! Seriously though, if you want the list of changes, then hit that source link thingamajig underneath this wall of text.

Source: EA Forums
Via: Polygon

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