Rumour: AMD Gaming Evolved Roadmap leaked

While AMD’s Never Settle bundle is really good value for money for the gamer looking out for a bargain, the company needs to keep on with the gravy train and release new bundles to keep consumers interested for the rest of year while the company focuses on the launch of the PS4 and the imminent launch of the Radeon HD7990. A new image that appeared on TechReport’s forum seems to note which games will be part of the bundles for the rest of the year.

Possible new Never Settle titles

Now, don’t get your hopes up. This image has never shown up in Google’s image search, nor is the EXIF data intact. There’s a few things to suggest the image’s authenticity and the white AMD GCN logo on the bottom right is one of them – it actually appears on the latest Never Settle promotion advert. The background is similar but the font used isn’t the same – and AMD’s been particularly anal about using bold fonts to make things really stand out. However, the background is still the same.

Lets take a quick headcount on the status of the games listed here:

Its very likely that one or more of the games mentioned will make it into a Never Settle bundle, but several do not make sense at the moment. In particular, AMD hasn’t ever done a deal with Sega before and this would be a first for the publishing house, in addition to Capcom potentially also climbing on board. AMD’s Never Settle bundles have received a lot of media attention and it’s understandable that publishers would try to get into the program.

GRID2 will very likely make it in because AMD has bundled games from Codemasters before, with DiRT3 and Showdown being the ones in recent memory. Raven’s Cry is so new that the Wikipedia page on it isn’t even more than three pages long, so it’s debatable. Never Settle typically bundles in AAA titles that are very hyped-up or hugely anticipated but if it picks up more attention, it might be a likely candidate.

For the meantime, take it with a pinch of salt.

Source: Techreport Forums

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