Nordic Games bags itself the Darksiders IP


The remainder of THQ’s intellectual properties have been purchased by publisher Nordic Games. The Swedish company is known for bringing Alan Wake to the PC as well as Painkiller: Resurrection. You might also know of them via their occasional publishing label of JoWood Entertainment.

For $4.9 million, Nordic walked away with the Darksiders IP as well as “Red Faction, MX vs ATV, Other Owned Software (includes Destroy all Humans!, Summoner and more), and Other Licensed Software (includes Marvel Super Hero Squad, Supreme Commander and more).”

Shortly after the purchase was made public, Nordic Games started a new forum asking fans for feedback on what they would like to see happen to the various IPs. One “fan” to respond to the Darksiders thread was Ryan Stefanelli, the principal designer for Darksiders and co-founder of  the series’ original developers Vigil Games. Awkward…

Stefanelli’s post answered the original question; he told Nordic what he wanted in the next game:

“As one of the co-founders of Vigil and the lead level designer/principal designer on both games, all I can say is… make it adventurous. And do what we would’ve done: let people know what happens when those other three comets land on Earth! Good luck to you guys. You’ve adopted our baby.”

It is still very early days and Nordic Games has no clear direction for a potential Darksiders sequel. They also don’t know who they’d put in charge of developing the game. That being said, they haven’t ruled out roping in the original IP developers to help continue the many series they’ve just purchased. Maybe we’ll end up seeing Vigil staff joining a new Darksiders team under Nordic Games?

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