SimCity’s 2.0 patch comes with bonus new bugs


On Monday, a collective mayoral sigh of relief echoed across the Interwebs as Maxis and EA announced the first major update patch for the rather flawed SimCity. Later that evening, the servers were taken offline in order to administer the patch for distribution. It was a fairly tiny update to download, but the fixes were numerous and (above all) highly necessary.

Unfortunately, while many of the bugs that have plagued the game since launch were expunged by update 2.0, the patch brought with it a whole host of new bugs and issues. It looks like EA and Maxis will be making a patch for their patch.

Over on the EA forums, loads of people are reporting new issues alongside reports of now resolved older issues. So it’s good and bad news, but that bad news has now reached a new level of OMG, meaning all the negativity has buckled under its own weight causing it to collapse in on itself resulting in unbridled hilarity. Simply put: the SimCity issues are becoming hilarious.

Prior to the patch, people used to report hearing phantom sirens in the game even though they had no ambulances or police cars. That’s been fixed, but when they say “fixed” they really mean that the sound has been taken away from the city and shoved into a nearby forest – literally. The trees now make siren noises.

In addition to eerily wailing flora, people are reporting a serious poop problem. The patch has clearly ruptured the game’s sewage pipes as cities with tiny populations are generating an obscene amount of crap. I’ve experienced this icky bug as well: I have a city with a population of less than 10, 000 people, but I need about 5 poop-shoots in order to keep my population from drowning in their own faeces.

There’s a Reddit thread that’s encouraging people to post their new bugs. It’s worth perusing for the laughs alone. Once you’re done there, head on over to RockPaperShotgun and read their article on how EA and Maxis’s silence is causing them to get away with lying to customers. Seriously, read it, lest we forget that actually this game doesn’t require any servers at all, and EA and Maxis are still full of crap… like my city.

Source: Reddit, EA Forums
Via: Polygon