The Next Xbox will be revealed on 21 May


Looks like those earlier rumours were true; let’s hope some of the other ones aren’t. Microsoft fired out a bunch of emails to spread the word: their next Xbox reveal will take place on 21 May. You’ll be able to watch it live on or over Xbox LIVE from 7PM South African time.

The reveal comes mere weeks before E3, which kicks off from 11-13 June.

Over the last few months we’ve been hit with an outpouring of next Xbox rumours suggesting no backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games; constant Internet connection requirements; backwards compatibility through an add-on device sold separately; a backwards compatibility add-on device that’s standard with all next Xbox consoles; an Xbox Mini media streaming device and Xbox LIVE Arcade machine; no constant Internet connection requirement; you name it, the rumours have cropped up, been contradicted and scrutinized until weary games journalists finally cracked under the constant to-and-fro of trying to keep up with all of this.

At last, an end to these bloody rumours. Nobody is as excited about this reveal as I am … trust me.