Rayman Legends Challenge app and Wii U update out now


In a break from tradition, here’s some good Wii U news for you Nintendo faithful: the Rayman Legends Challenge App is now available to download. Yes, it’s still free! Yes, it’s still got heaps of potential to keep you occupied for a very long time, if you’re into that whole online leaderboards and competition thing.

If you recall, the Rayman Legends Challenge App was a peace offering of sorts from the development team behind the very delayed Rayman Legends. The reason for the delay is because the once Wii U exclusive was suddenly made multi-platform a few weeks before the game was due out. That was the doing of the Ubisoft employees who wear suits and ties to work and carry briefcases; the ones that have deadpan stares and dollar signs tattooed to their wrists.

If you want a peak at what the free download entails, then there’s a launch trailer for you after the jump. It’s around 850MB to download – the app that is, not the launch video.

The good news doesn’t stop there however, as the game’s final release date has actually been brought forward. The game was supposed to release across all three platforms sometime in September. It’s now coming out on 30 August. Yeah we’re clutching at straws here: it’s probably only coming out a few days earlier but still. Earlier!

Finally, Nintendo has released the long-awaited firmware update for the Wii U. The update speeds up the menu loading screens in the console’s OS by around 30%. That’s a welcomed change considering it can takes ages to navigate from one area of the console to another.

Sources: Eurogamer & Polygon