AMD is readying a Radeon HD7750

I swear, I do not have an AMD bias – they’re just constantly in the news these days. This latest piece of news comes from a Taiwanese retailer that confirms the existence of a new card in the HD7700 family, called the Radeon HD7730. Its a chopped-down version of the HD7750 and is designed to fall in under the $100 price point to combat the Nvidia GT640. More details after the jump.

MSI HD7730

The user who leaked the images on confirms that the card is destined for the Taiwanese, Chinese and Japanese markets right now and there’s a good chance it’ll be seen all around the world as well. AMD currently does not have a GCN-based card at a price lower than their HD7750.

The packaging on the box is a little different and shows the new Radeon Graphics, Eyefinity and GCN logos redesigned this year by AMD. Its a PCI-E 3.0 card, comes with 1GB of DDR5 RAM (the GT640, by comparison, mostly comes with DDR3 RAM) and has dual-link DVI, HDMI and Displayport video outlets. That’s pretty impressive for such a cheap card. It also has a dual-slot cooler, although this could easily be fitted with a single-slot cooler to better fit into a larger variety of chassis.

The source also confirms a few specifications – 448 Stream processors, 28 TMUs, 16 ROPs and a 128-bit wide memory interface. Core clocks are 800MHz and the memory is clocked at 1125MHz, effectively 4.5GHz. It hasn’t yet been validated by TechpowerUP’s GPU-Z application, but bandwidth is 72GB/s. By comparison the GT640 makes do with just 28.5GB/s. This card could be a very fast and popular budget choice among gamers.


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