Latest Beyond: Two Souls trailer debuts at Tribeca


Beyond: Two Souls, David Cage’s latest attempt at merging films and video games, appeared at the Tribeca Film Festival over this past weekend. During the presentation, a new trailer for the game was shown off alongside over half an hour of gameplay. We’ve linked to both after the jump, but be warned that the gameplay contains some spoilers.

The new trailer provides some background to protagonist Jodie’s troubled childhood; can’t say I blame the girl for being somewhat on edge after watching that lot.

Beyond: Two Souls is out on 08 October 2013 and stars Ellen Paige and Willem Dafoe. It’s kind of weird writing that information line and pointing out that the game “stars” Hollywood talent, but I guess that’s what David Cage is going for.

Below is the half hour of Tribeca Film Festival gameplay. Again: SPOILER WARNING.

Via: Polygon