Son of a bitch. And here I was relishing the fact that we’d probably seen an end to next Xbox rumours. Here’s a new one; although technically it isn’t that new because Microsoft showed off this tech during the Consumer Electronics Show in January. It’s something called IllumiRoom, which may or may not be a part of the next Xbox. That “may or may not be” is where this whole rumour bit comes in.

So IllumiRoom, aside from having a stupid name, looks pretty damn awesome. It’s a projector that sits on a coffee table in front of your TV. Together with Kinect, it scans your room and projects game-specific images on the walls and furniture surrounding your TV. Now while that sounds like the most impractical thing ever because how many people have open walls around their TV, it kind of works pretty well judging by the five minute explanation video. The whole thing is designed with TV-surrounding clutter in mind, which is great because nine times out of ten my lounge looks like a bombs gone off in it. And now with IllumiRoom, bombs really will be going off in it.

IllumiRoom is apparently aimed at “a next-generation gaming console”. Is this something legitimately awesome, or is this the next Xbox’s lame, Kinect-like peripheral that nobody will make use of? Hit the jump for the video.

Things that made me say “hmm, this is actually something rather awesome”: that neat snowflake effect (imagine that with Skyrim); the Borderlands-ification of surrounding furniture (I will duct tape my dachshund to the floor to see him turned into a cel-shaded critter); the extended HUD for finding objectives IN YOUR OWN LOUNGE; and that great warp effect during Portal gameplay.

Source: The Verge

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