Tons of HD7990 cards are coming from all directions

AMD’s Radeon HD7990 is a beast. Two of them were required for the 17-minute demo that DICE revealed for Battlefield 4 and just going by hardware specs, it’s the fastest dual-GPU in the world. Techpowerup has confirmed that several brands will be selling their own versions of the card and for now, it’ll just be reference versions. HIS, ASUS, Club 3D, MSI, Sapphire, PowerColor, Gigabyte and XFX are all releasing the reference version and it’s expected that other brands, like VTX3D, will also have the same offering.

AMD Radeon HD7990 Malta

My sources tell me the card’s local retail price is also expected to be set at R11,000, although this could be a little lower when it actually lands considering that the HD7990 cards already available are cheaper than the cheapest GTX690. There’s still no sign of the alpha-phase Prototype driver on the internet, but it’s only a matter of time before it leaks. If you’re just learning about the card’s release now, take some time and a cup of coffee to read through my analysis of the benchmark results.

UPDATE: Sapphire has confirmed that their cards will be landing in the country, but stocks will be limited. Pricing is tentatively set at R12,000, although this may change once the cards land locally as they are calculated on the US Dollar value and the price may vary a little or a lot.

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