Indie showcase: Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Remember Mortal Kombat Trilogy all those years ago? It sure was cool, the way they incorporated all the fighters from all the games up to that point into a cohesive whole; a certifiable love letter to the fan community. Wouldn’t it be cooler still if they did that with other game franchises? Like, say, Super Mario Bros.? Thankfully, somebody already has.

Enter Super Mario Bros. Crossover, a browser game that is a remake of the original Super Mario Bros. with loads of assorted new options and playable characters. Would you like to try out the original Super Mario Bros. levels as Samus, Mega Man, Link, Simon Belmont or Bill Rizer from ContraSuper Mario Bros. Crossover mixes all these characters together and more in a prime overload of NES nostalgic goodness. Pity Nintendo didn’t think of it prior to releasing Super Smash Bros.

Head past the break for more info, and a trailer!

There’s also different variations on the characters, such as the ability to choose the 8- or 16-bit versions of their sprites. Players may also select other characters from a specific game’s universe, such as Bass from Mega Man, complete with his signature move set. Pressing the “X” key will also cycle a level’s tileset, rendering the levels in their original 8-bit glory, their 16-bit makeover, or as throwbacks from Hyrule or Dracula’s castle. All the tricks and shortcuts you remember will still apply here, including the famous warp zones; levels, music and graphics are faithfully recreated and fans can spend hours trying out different configuration options.

Warp your browser over to yonder link in order to experience it yourself.