New AI companion in BioShock Infinite DLC?


We all know that BioShock Infinite DLC is coming at some point; there’s even a Season Pass in case you want to pre-order said DLC before you even know anything about it. Bizarre, but anyway.

Thanks to the Internet’s version of Batman (aka “the world’s greatest detective”), we have a possible hint that a piece of Infinite DLC will contain a new AI companion. Superannuation discovered the nugget of information via an Irrational Games employee’s LinkedIn profile page. Senior animator Michael Shahan claims to have developed “animation and R&D [research and development] for a new AI companion character”. That information is found on his profile summary underneath the subheading “BioShock Infinite DLC1”.

Since this came to light, the profile summary has been removed from Shahan’s LinkedIn account. Website Polygon pre-empted this and snapped a screenshot of the evidence. To date, Irrational hasn’t said a word about DLC other than the fact that it is planned.

Source: Polygon