Don’t public holidays have a great way of throwing our country into some weird state of limbo? Take these new GTA V trailers for example: they came out two days ago but do you think any of us writers managed to tear ourselves away from whatever it was we were doing during the mid-week Saturday? Damn right we didn’t manage to, and so we present to the four of you who haven’t already seen these, the brand new triple-bundle-mega-awesome-super-pack of GTA V trailers.

Each trailer focuses on one of the three playable protagonists found in the game: there’s Michael the wealthy but unfulfilled middle-aged white guy desperate for something new; Franklin the headstrong token black guy fighting his way out of whatever it is he doesn’t want to be in any longer (the ghetto or something); and then there’s Trevor who, well, just seems a little shifty to me, but I can’t see that stopping him from becoming my favourite out of the morally upstanding trio.

Hit the jump for the trailers; they’re all crammed into one video window because you get to choose which one to watch first. Think of it as YouTube for the 21st century. Science!

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