The Last of Us spoilers leaked online


You may want to be careful when you spend tonight trawling through 4chan, Reddit and other corners of the Internet where content of shady origins is likely to be found. Some sneaky people have managed to hack the code of the recently released demo for The Last of Us and have found all sorts of files that provide information on the full game’s plot.

The demo, which came with copies of God of War: Ascension, contained files that will obviously only be utilised by the full game. It’s not unusual for demo code to include other bits of dormant code from the main game. In this case, those with the ability to dredge through the demo’s code, found a list of names for all of the game’s cut-scenes. The names are obviously blatant enough to divulge the content of each cut-scene and as such the Internet now knows what’s in store for all of the game’s main characters. The ending of the game has also been uncovered.

With around 6 weeks to go before the game is released, you’re going to need to exercise some serious caution when it comes to reading online content on The Last of Us. You’ve been warned! Have fun now!

Source: Eurogamer

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